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This is Carolee's Blog

I am now with Student Operated Press


Carolee and Thom at CNN May 2006

New and exciting thinks are happeing here at the Kaufold's.
My goal is Getting IT right!
 We  live near Walt Disney World, my husband drives the Monorail. I have been blessed to be married to a great guy for over 42years. We have 4 sons Jerry, Lee, Thom jr. and Jonathan, 2 daughter in laws , Tracey (Thom's wife) and Jennifer (Jonathan's wife). 5 grandsons, Matthew ,Timothy, Nathaniel, Hunter and Jacob. Of that there are 2 sets of twins from 2 different sons. One of the twins, Nathaniel, passed when he was 14 months old. .

Welcome to our Winter Garden home


Our sons. Jerry, Lee, Thom Jr, and Jonathan with Thom and me.
Ours sons have interesting jobs.  Jerry works at CNN on the - American Morning  show.  In Baseball season he works for the   The Official Site of The New York Yankees: Homepage home games and The Official Site of The New York Mets: Homepage   Lee works at Walt Disney World Resort .  Thom is known as   on X-M Radio's channel 144 show Power Shift. XM Satellite Radio - America's #1 Satellite Radio Service  Jonathan is in construction and is building 1/2 of central Florida.  Our daughter in laws have there most important job of all.  They are mommies

Jacob and Hunter


Tracey with Hunter and Jacob



Jacob and Hunter  Jan 17, 2005

Jacob and Hunter are our true gift from God.  Their Mom, Tracey, and Dad, Thom, prayed for years for these 2 guys.  After trusting God would answer their prayers they welcomed Hunter and Jacob into the Kaufold/Anderson world bright and shinny in 2005.  Their smiles and joy are from the love Mom and Dad gave them

Jack in the Box


Here we are the Kaufolds
Thom and Jacob,Jerry, Lee,Jonathan and Timothy
Tracey and Hunter, Carolee, Thom, Jenniferand Matthew
December 2005

Nathaniel Kane Kaufold
 April 22, 2003 - July 8, 2004
There is a picture of him here it was the last picture of him taken before he died. I had a friend add the wings for a picture I gave to his mom Jen and dad Jon (my son) He was born with his brother Timothy on April 22, 2003. Tim did so well, Nate had so many things wrong with him. He fought like hell for 14 months. His mom and dad kept him going with love and devotion. When he died the nurses told Jen and Jon that they would be the parents they would tell other moms and dads about, when it came to courage and fighting for a childs health care.

Nathaniel was prayed for all over this county, by word of mouth and e-mail. He was a gift God gave us, to rejoice in. He was the message and we were the messagers. He was blind, deaf, he had CP and his heart was not well. But when we where with him, he smiled and laughed.

We never asked God why He sent Nate, we knew it was to bless us and bless all that knew of . Tim is so full of life, I am sure Nate is in there laughing with him.


What Nathaniel's Mommy wrote about him

Picture of Nathaniel by Tracy O'Carney


Timothy April 22. 2003


Nathaniel and Timothy 6 weeks olds

Jennifer with Matthew, Timothy and Nathaniel


Bermuda really has pink beaches
Our Love of Bermuda has a reason.  The first time I went to Bermuda I was 18.  I went with 2 girl friends.  The first time for Thom was when he was in the US Coast Guard, about the same time as me.   We went together for the 1st time in 1987.  Nothing had changed it was still Fast Food and big building free.
To see Bermuda makes me heart leap.  When I get upset I just say the word Bermuda and I am less stressed.  We have been there 5 times.  Two times on a cruise. 
We even have a Bermuda Room in our home.  We painted it Bermuda Pink Sand.  How could I not pick that color?





Matthew October 5th 2000

Matthew thinks he is on Vacation



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