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This is Carolee's Blog

Eye Glasses, Spinning



He and She about Thom and Carolee

August 8th 1994


Over the past months I have taken a journey.

Loyalty, Betrayal and Forgiveness

Carolee in Wonderland

"To Love Another Person Is To See The Face Of God."

Thom's Daffodils for his Mother

Ham Sandwiches and Little Lulu Comic Books

Marriage Promises For all Brides and Grooms Past and Present

I was so embarrassed ....................

Am I everything I should be?

"How are you feeling?"

What's in my Future

Anyone want to hear about growing up in Brooklyn?

Have you looked at yourself and screamed? Well, do I have a story for you

On Commercials in your life

What we did on Easter when I was a little girl........

And I thought it was because I lost weight

There is no excuse.....

my story about Old Friends How do you feel about Old friends

Sitting by the Ocean

Do It Now